de knikkelaresDe knikkelares

With illustrations by Marijke ten Cate

Uitgeverij Lemniscaat

ISBN 9047705062

On broiling hot late spring day, best friends Martijn and Khalid find a tiny creature on the curb in front of their houses. Her hair is green as grass and her eyes glitter like beetles’ wings, but her own wings don’t do…anything. Lola, as she calls herself, is a kind of Robin Hood for marbles – she hides them outside for kids to find. Now her leg is broken and the boys have to take over her work: “liberating” marbles from kids with too many and getting them back to kids with too few. All of it has be done in secret, but that’s not so easy with Martijn’s annoying and overly curious sister always lurking around, and it’s hard to keep anything out of his little brother Tomas’s mouth…